If you ask experts about the probability of winning in sports betting, you will often hear that it is much safer than other games of chance, such as lottery or casinos. We are also talking about calculable risks and minimizing losses. What at first glance seems to be a secure source of income is nevertheless a variant of gambling that cannot guarantee winnings. So we have to answer the question of whether you can always win in sports betting with a clear “no” right from the start.

However, sports betting offers far greater chances of secure winnings than other forms of gambling can. Clever tipsters who rely on a long-term strategy for sustainable profits can undoubtedly earn a proud monthly sum with sports betting. In the following guide we have put together 5 tips for you that can contribute to maximum weather effects. At this point we would like to mention again that THE one winning strategy does not exist, as this would also damage the sports betting market in the long term.

Determine the initial situation and develop a strategy

Successful sports bettors are characterized by discipline and a sophisticated strategy. Every betting customer has to work out such a strategy for himself, as it varies depending on the initial situation. First set yourself a monthly goal, consider your available budget and, if possible, spread this evenly over each day of the month.

Find Surebets

Find Surebets

Surebets are bets with which the sports bettor can only win, so losses are excluded – in short, the dream of every bettor. In football, for example, this works in such a way that you bet on the same event with three different bookmakers: 1x tip 1, 1x tip X and 1x tip 2. The odds and stakes must be chosen in such a way that you always make a profit .

The basic requirements here are first of all to be registered with several betting providers. Above all, you should choose bookmakers who are known for above-average odds – there are numerous sports betting provider comparisons online. As soon as you have chosen the right bookies, the real task begins: the search for surebets. And it’s not about specialist knowledge or insider tips, it’s just pure mathematics that counts here.

The following example illustrates how surebets are calculated

  • Odds for a home win at Bookie A is: 1.8
  • Bookie B has a draw odds of 3.9
  • Odds for an away win at Bookie C is: 6.1

These three odds were compiled by three different providers. Then the profit is calculated:

(1: odds tip 1) + (1: odds tip X) + (1: odds tip 2) = win value

→ (1 : 1.8) + (1 : 3.9) + (1 : 6.1) = win value

→ 0.56 + 0.26 + 0.16 = 0.98

This value can now be interpreted in two ways.

  • Variant 1: With a bet of 0.98 euros you would win 1 euro.
  • Variant 2: This shows the profit more clearly. 1 : 0.98 = 1.02 → this corresponds to a profit of 2%.

 As soon as the win value is below 1, it is a surebet, since the sports bettor makes a profit with every possible outcome of the bet. This value is now to be taken as the minimum stake (98.00 euros) and divided between the 3 bets. This is done according to the same principle as determining the profit value itself:

  • Home win: 100: 1.8 = 55.56 euros
  • Draw: 100 : 3.9 = 25.64 euros
  • Away win: 100 euros: 6.1 = 16.39 euros

With this optimal distribution of your stake, it is now almost impossible for you to suffer a loss – only the cancellation of a bet by the bookmaker would lead to this. If you do a quick calculation of the three tips, you will quickly find that the profit is minimal. However, if the stake is increased for the same distribution, the profit margin automatically increases.

Surebets are the best way to always win with sports betting. However, searching for such unique combinations from multiple suppliers is extremely time-consuming. In addition, surebets, which ultimately result from small miscalculations by a bookmaker, only occur extremely rarely, which is why they cannot be described as an independent strategy.

Minimize risk

Sports betting invites you to want to achieve high profits with little effort. Combining many bets on one ticket is the easiest way to win big here. With the number of bets, however, the risk of loss also increases drastically, which is why high payouts in this case usually only remain printed on the betting slip and very rarely are actually achieved.

Therefore, it makes sense to keep the risk as low as possible right from the start. The following two options are important basic tools for this.

Single bets

Single bets

The fewer bets on a ticket, the higher the chance of winning. Based on this simple fact, you are much more likely to make a profit on single bets than you would be on accumulator bets. Successful sports bettors therefore usually only bet on 1-2 games at the same time and invest somewhat higher stakes for this. The profits here are significantly lower, but they are recorded much more regularly, which in turn means more plus on the account in the long term.

System bets

If you still like to combine several games on one ticket, you can gain additional security with system bets. In general, this variant is also referred to as “playing with mistakes”. As the name suggests, system bets also allow wrong plays on a ticket. For example, if you combine 5 bets and then play them with a 3 out of 5 system, only three of the five bets need to have been guessed correctly in order to receive a payout.

However, only the correct betting odds are included in the profit, which can greatly reduce it. A thorough calculation of the various options is worthwhile in advance.

To hedge bets

Hedging means that you place a second bet on an event that has already been bet on, which covers all other outcomes of the game and thus one of the two bets will win in any case.

For example, take the Double Chance X2 tip in a soccer game. If this live does not develop as you had actually calculated and team 1 performs very well, you can now also place a bet on team 1 live. Of course, you have to set the bet high enough at this point that you can cover the stake of your wrong and the won bet with the profit.

Always type with a clear head

Mental health while betting can be crucial. Here it is extremely important that you always approach a bet in an extremely disciplined, calm and clear-headed manner. Frustration bets, for example, with which you compulsively try to make up for your losses through high odds, are doomed to failure from the outset. So accept losses at the given point and at the same time do not react exuberantly even when you win.

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