Although so important, only a few people know about self-esteem. Even better is that it seems always the wrong people have too much of it. But here are some exercises about how you can build a strong self-esteem. even without scoring at Bizzo casino.  


1) Accept compliments

People with low self-esteem find it difficult to accept compliments. Often, well-intentioned compliments or phrases are rebuffed.

Exercise: If you want to increase your self-esteem, you should learn to take compliments positively. The next time a person receives a compliment, they should simply say “thank you.

2) Be aware of strengths and successes

To become aware of one’s own strengths and successes, one should make a list of things one is proud of – a kind of “self-esteem journal”.

Exercise: To do this, make a list of your own strengths and successes. If you can’t think of anything right off the bat, you can ask your friends or family and you’ll be amazed at how much they can report.

3) Treat yourself with love

Self Esteem

To develop positive self-esteem, it is important to treat yourself lovingly. This starts with how you talk to yourself internally. Phrases like “I’m not pretty / smart / good enough” should be eliminated from your vocabulary and replaced with positive phrases. This will not succeed at first go, especially when it comes to fleeting thoughts. But they should be followed by “No, that’s not true. I am …” after them.

Exercise: In this exercise, you write ten positive sentences on a sheet of paper. Ideally, you read the sentences aloud to yourself so that they stick in your mind. Examples include:

I am lovable.

I have many good qualities and I show them.

I believe in myself.

I become a little more confident every day.

4) Boosting self-confidence with your own smile

Smiling to yourself automatically boosts self-love and self-esteem. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: If you spend a minute pulling up the corners of your mouth and grinning broadly, you really do smile afterwards. The brain begins to release happiness hormones and you feel instantly better.

Exercise: Here you grin for a minute in the mirror and wait to see what happens. It’s best to start this exercise first thing in the morning, regardless of your current mood. If it feels too weird, maybe your favorite music will help.

5) Small fitness exercises

Self-esteem and your own security also depend on how you feel about your body. At the same time, sports and exercise reduce stress hormones and increase well-being.

Exercise: Every day, you should plan at least ten minutes for exercise. This can be jumping rope, trampolining, HIIT workouts, yoga exercises, fitness exercises or jogging. If that’s too stressful, you can also start with walking first.

6) Me-Time

Self-love also means doing something good for yourself.

Exercise: people with low self-esteem should consciously take at least ten minutes a day for themselves. This can be activities such as reading, meditating or listening to music. A regular bath, a sauna session or a massage are also beneficial for the mind and body.

7) Health

If you love yourself, you will also be mindful of your body – because you spend your entire life with it.

Exercise: Every day you should take time for two slow and healthy meals and drink at least two liters of water. Additionally, make sure you get enough sleep and don’t neglect your personal hygiene.

8) Face fears and challenges

People with low self-esteem should face challenges and difficulties.

Exercise: first, think about a “fearful” task and do it without thinking too long.

9) Have-Done List

Everyone knows the classic to-do list – and the liberating feeling after checking off successes. But also the bad conscience when nothing on the list has been accomplished. Therefore it is time for a Have-Done-List.

Exercise: Create a Have-Done-List every evening and see what you have accomplished during the day.

10) Help others

Doing something good for others not only helps your fellow human beings, but also increases your own self-esteem. People who help others feel valuable and needed.

Practice: Helping your fellow human beings can start with small things in everyday life. Helping an elderly woman carry her groceries or offering support for friends and family boosts your own self-esteem.

11) Seek contact with positive people

To boost your self-esteem, you should be surrounded by positive people.

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