There are many techniques and legends about how to recognize the exact moment when a slot machine is about to bestow a payout. Find out what they are and more importantly whether they work.

Recognizing if a bar slot machine is about to pay out

As we have already written in several posts, slot machines have a low payout percentage. In the jargon it is called RTP (Return to Player) which translated means return to player that is the percentage of money that will come back to the player after a play. Here this percentage is 70% in bar slots while generally 95% in online slots.

So although it is not very convenient to play on bar slots we decided to write this guide anyway including bar slots given the many requests from our users.

However, we would like to reiterate that there is no sure way to win on slots.

Sound of the coin

Sound of the coin

It is said that to recognize whether a bar slot is about to release a payout one must have an ear.

In fact, one of the things professional players listen for is the sound the coin makes when it falls into the slot.

Inside a bar slot machine are two containers when both are filled the time when the slot is about to release a payout becomes close.

Therefore, it is ideal to know when the last win was made in that slot and to hear the sound before and after a few days of play.

Background music

The sounds of the slot machine vary depending on when the slot is and the volume and speed of the background music can get faster the moment it is about to release a win.

Do not be fooled though because the turnover of a slot can be very high so you can quickly spend even more than €1000 while receiving low payouts.

Monitoring a slot machine

Monitoring a slot machine

This technique is often impossible to do because you would have to keep an eye on a slot machine 24 hours a day and count all the plays.

You also need to know what the slot machine’s turnover is so you can tell when it is now full and therefore close to releasing winnings.

You will have to let other players play the slot waiting for it to fill up completely and then play at the right time.

Of course, it could also happen that a player before you has a nice win, and that would nullify your work

Recognizing if an online slot machine is about to pay out

There are no secret techniques or sure methods for recognizing if an online slot machine is about to release a payout.

That’s why the advice is always to play in moderation and never exceed the budget you set for yourself.

Fortunately for we know one of the techniques that led to success a lucky English player even entered the Guinness World record for the highest winnings made on a slot machine.

The win in question was made on a progressive jackpot slot machine we are talking about the now somewhat dated but always fun Mega Moolah slot.

The win was made in the English version of Betway casino but you can try this technique in any online casino that has progressive jackpot slots.

Jon Heywood, that’s the name of the lucky British player said he hit the mega jackpot of 17 million simply by playing the lowest possible sum.

In fact, progressive jackpot slot machines are all connected to a main server and each bet lost by a player contributes to the creation of a jackpot that in many cases can be very high.

The allocation of the jackpot winnings is done randomly by the slot.

So you can win as much as 1 million through a 25-cent bet because both the lines and the value of the bet are irrelevant to winning the jackpot.

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